Unbundled Representation

In today’s world, many people do not have the means to pay a large retainer to hire an attorney. So there has been a push towards “unbundled representation.”  In non-complex situations, where an individual needs help with part of their case, they can hire the Law Office of Elizabeth V. Han to help them navigate that part of their case.   


Unbundled representation is a “limited representation” situation where the scope of the representation is clearly defined at the beginning of the task to be performed and all parties agree that at the completion of that task the Law Office of Elizabeth V. Han ceases their representation.  


Situations where this type of representation might be appropriate include but are not limited to: 


  • Writing a letter 

  • Drafting a Pleading (Petition, Response, Motion) 

  • Helping with Discovery 

  • Document Review 

  • QDROs and Retirement pleadings 

  • Appearance at a hearing (Child Support, Domestic Violence, Interim allocation or other hearing) 


However complex litigation may still require a more traditional representation agreement.  


Please contact our office to see if unbundled representation is right for you. 


  • Weekend and after-hours consultations available by an appointment and for a nominal fee. 

  • Comparable Rates and Payment Plans available. 

  • Military and Senior Citizens receive a 10% discount on attorney’s fees. 

  • All Major Credit Cards accepted.