Children's Law 

The New Mexico Children’s Code is a very unique and specialized area of law.  Because it is so unique, you really need someone who is experienced and skilled in that area of law to adequately represent your interests.  The Law Office of Elizabeth V. Han can help you navigate that system. Ms. Han has 22 years of experience is helping families understand this confusing area of law.  

Children’s Law in New Mexico includes but is not limited to: 


  • Abuse and Neglect 

  • Juvenile Delinquency 

  • Adoptions 

  • Intervention by foster parents and family members 


If you need assistance with any of these topics, The Law Office of Elizabeth V. Han is here to help. 


  • Weekend and after-hours consultations available by an appointment and for a nominal fee. 

  • Comparable Rates and Payment Plans available. 

  • Military and Senior Citizens receive a 10% discount on attorney’s fees. 

  • All Major Credit Cards accepted.