Elizabeth V. Han


at Law



Elizabeth Valentine (V.) Han is the owner and sole practitioner at the Law Office of Elizabeth V. Han. 

Professionally, she obtained her license to practice law in California in 1997 and in New Mexico in 2000.  However, her legal career began before her graduation from UCLA School of Law in 1997.  She started her career working for the Santa Barbara Public Defender in 1995.  She then transitioned into a position with the California Appellate Project, summarizing ruling and opinions for court-appointed appellate attorneys.

Briefly, Ms. Han worked for the Law Office of Tien Tin Yu, who practiced immigration law, with a focus of pacific region countries.  Ms. Han’s passion was always working with families, children and in the criminal justice system.  That lead to her doing internships with agencies like the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, Juvenile Division in Torrance, California and the Federal Public Defender’s Office in Downtown Los Angeles.  Ms. Han also took time out to work with low income families needing help with guardianship's of minor children. 

Upon graduation, Ms. Han began her “formal” legal career working for the Law Office of Randall Pacheco in Monterey Park, California. This law firm was a court-appointed Guardian ad Litem firm that represented children and youths in abuse and neglect cases, guardianship's, adoptions, and even difficult custody and divorce cases that their complexity far exceeded the resources of the Family Court.  Although, Ms. Han loved her job in Monterey Park, personal obligations led her back to the Bay Area where she began representing parents in abuse and neglect cases.  These same obligations caused her to relocate to New Mexico in 2000.


Ms. Han’s legal career in New Mexico started with working as an Assistant District Attorney for Bernalillo County, first in Metro Court then in District Court, Crimes Against Children Unit.  But once Ms. Han first child was born it was time for a new adventure both professionally and personally. Ms. Han took a position with Bill Gordon and Associates, managing their Family Law Division. Upon becoming pregnant with her second child, Ms. Han decided she needed to be in charge of her own legal career and opened the Law Office of Elizabeth V. Han, with the practice areas of Family Law, Children’s Court, Juvenile Defense, Custody, Child Support, Domestic Violence (civil and criminal), Guardianship's, Adoptions, Simple Wills and Criminal Defense.  But as the grass seems always greener, Ms. Han decided to close her practice to work with Carter and Valle Law Firm in their Family Court Division for 3 years.  As her children grew up, she found that she once again was going to need more independent control of her cases and calendar. So she re-opened The Law Office of Elizabeth V. Han.  For the past 7 years she has resumed working in her prior areas of law, but in a smaller more selective setting.  Ms. Han is dedicated to being what is known as a “Family Defender” protecting the best interest of families of all shapes and sizes.  With a smaller more focused practice, she is able to provide more individual support and representation.

Ms. Han has created a respected name for herself in New Mexico, so much so that she has made herself available to aid other attorneys with court appearance and legal drafting. She serves quite frequently as a Guardian Ad Litem, a Settlement Facilitator, and a Child Custody Mediator.